• Good for nothing in my humble opinion.
  • Not much, and they really aren't "friends" if they can't be trusted. :(
  • Kick boxing dummies! I think they'd be pretty good for that!
  • they are worthless
  • Enemies!
  • I have recently gone through troubles with friend that I cannot trust. You should keep your distance but do not turn them into enemies. Perhaps your reasons for not trusting could be false or based on non-factual or proven things. Also, if they have chosen to be your friends and then broke your trust, then they were choosing to be your friend for a reason, most likely to use you. In that case, stay away, but don't make them enemies because what goes around, comea around; you may have the opportunity to use them for something that you really need in the long run. Example of how this happened in my life. My good friend of 11 years, recently had his 20th birthday and did not invite me and chose to invite my ex-girlfriend instead who he had only known for 4 months. This ex-girlfriend also has a false complaint with the police against me. I haven't spoke to my friend since his birthday and just last weekend, I recieved a phone call from him; he had voice recordings on his phone where the girl admits to making up these false complaints against me; so now, I am going to use this guy to get these recordings. If I made him an enemy because I cannot trust him, I could have been screwed.
  • I don't have friends I can't trust, I don't know.
  • I don't have any. Trust is a vital part of friendship to me, without trust there is no friendship.
  • True friends deserve a second chance. Face it, we all mess up. But a chronic liar, cheater, etc....bye bye baby!
  • They are not worth your time! If you are hanging out with these people bcuz they like to go out and party, that's a poor reason. Friends do not come easy. Everyone comes to a point in their lives where they realize just how important friendships are as well as family. You have to choose wisely. When push comes to shove, when you really need someone there, you will be amazed who is by your side. That happened to me. What an eyeopener!
  • It's simple--they're not your friends.
  • Placing complete trust in anyone is not their fault but your own. We are human and it is impossible to expect 100% perfect trust.. even in ourselves. There is no good reasoning to have friends who do not care about you or who seek to cause you intentional harm but we all fall short so it is just a matter of having friends who are not intent on hurting others. My best friend and I have hit 18 years and there is a lot of love there.. do not think we have not broken trust or hurt each other.. but never with disregard for the other's feelings.. usually over something in that moment without thought of the future or intent.
  • No good. That's why I don't waste my time on them anymore.
  • I call those people "party friends" because they can be fun to hang out with at a party, but not good for much else.
  • About as good as a seatless unicycle.
  • Not friends, no good.
  • i can easily identify the wrong one........... dont ask me how...but iam like that
  • As useless as tits on a fish.
  • If you can't trust them, you don't need them!
  • Friends you cannot trust are not friends. They are no good to you!
  • A person you can't trust is not a friend they are liars.
  • I give my friends a chance. Sometimes things don't work out for something they promise. That's understandable. But for someone who lies or cheats, he/she is an EX-friend.
  • All my closest friends I can trust. The others that I cannot I call them "drinking buddies". I don't get to close and don't tell them personal things~but what I do like are the FREE DRINKS!!!
  • Good friends that are not trustworthy, are what? Bad friends, false friends? I'm older and wiser, and in my book...they are not friends at all. I agree that trust is a foundational element in any real relationship. Without trust there is no hope for any real relationship. Friends that I cannot trust become *acquaintances*, not enemies.
  • nothing at all. i just read that exact same question in a book i was reading called Just That

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