• Anything is possible...
  • Of course, why not? You simply put down your pride and come to some sort of agreement. Of course, you BOTH have to be willing. :)
  • Yeah it's definitely possible!
  • Yes, that can happen and it is wonderful when it happens.
  • Just overcome pride and anything is possible.
  • If both parties are willing to try, it can happen. If it does it can be a great friendship. I would imagine in some cases it depends on just how one sided and acrimonious the emnity had been previously.
  • Back in the day when a good ol' country ass whuppin' was tolerated by "the man", I had several "enemies" become really good friends. The minimum result of an ass whuppin' was some respect for one another- because it can be painful whether you won or not. Nowadays, it's illegal to slug a feller in the mouth and rearrange his china for him. So folks resort to stabbing and shooting. You can't make friends with a stiff.
  • I actually did it ONCE in my life, and it was a guy that caused me some major turmoil in a new town, at a new school! The only way I could make it happen, tho', was, we had to fight! I was totally against it, I fought it for 9 months, (besides, he was a little guy), but I guess my inaction made him that much worse. We finally had it out when one of his friends dared him to hit me! I told him that I WOULD put an end to all of it if he did, but he didn't listen. A severe pounding later, and he didn't bother me again for almost a year. Around a year later, I saw him at a football game with one of my friends, and we actually hit it off! He said that he had been going thru some stuff, that he was sorry, and that "kicking his tail" actually helped him. We DID become pretty good friends after that!
  • Funny story. When I was in middle school, I was picked on mercilessly because I wore glasses and had no meat on my bones. There was one guy in the seventh grade who was the ringleader. As a matter of fact, I don't even remember now what it was he used to do to me but he used to bully me quite a bit. I told my dad about it on multiple occasions and he would tell me that I had to stand up for myself, that I had to earn the respect needed. And then he told me that if that didn't work, I could always punch them in the balls. Well, the next day, the same guy came up to me laughing with his friends and being an ass. I was terrified, but when he went to push me against a wall nearby, I ducked underneath his arms and let my arm fly directly into his nether regions. He scooted back so it didn't connect, but I guess he was impressed by my bravery in standing up to a guy twice my size and three years my superior. From that day forward, he treated me as he did all his other friends, and never picked on me again. Of course, when I told my dad about it, he was happy for me but he chuckled and told me that he didn't actually mean for me to hit him in the groin. :p
  • Have you ever heard the saying, " The enemy of my enemy is my friend?" It is possible for an enemy to become a friend when both sides have a common enemy. This happens all the time.
  • Yes. It is difficult, but I have managed to do it a few times.
  • Honestly No !! I have had VERY FEW enemies in my life and those who made it onto my S#@T list really had to earn their way there !
  • Yes, and I think that they would be an even more loyal friend than your best, simply because they'd feel as if they have more to prove to you in order to gain your trust.
  • Possible, yes ... not always though.
  • Sure, sometimes all it takes is a "Hello" or "How are you today"...I worked with this guy for years that hated me for no apparent reason I knew of, his dad died and I went up to him to tell him how sorry I was, we have been best friends ever since, it was that simple! Then there's the dramatic types as you see in the movies, where you save their life, job or something...
  • If it wasn't we would not be here.

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