• No, I am certain I would not want to do that.
  • Yeah why not? I can't think of any reason to not do this, it appeals to me a hell of a lot more than being dead. I see this as a realistic possibility at some point (although not soon) but I think it will be an amalgam of both technology and biologically engineered components. I think there is already cross-over occuring at a primitive level and this will continue. So not a clunky metal man lurching around saying "Danger Will Robinson!" :)
  • As long as i can be kryten with multiple adaptors...then yeah why not!
  • Androids are guaranteed eternal life? Oh, I'm afraid my brain in a computer chip would really piss someone off and they would smash it to smithereens.
  • Only if I could be more than Im now or it probibly would be boaring for that long of a time.
  • Sounds cool.. In the Sci-Fi world, this has been handled like this.. The content of your brain ar downloaded to a computer with a simple feeback program. Here you live your life as normal with the computer providing information when requested while the feedback program interfaces with the subconscious mind to provide random events and encounters.(remember the girl you had that dream about when you were 12 years old? She may show up) The real advantage is that the limits of the human body are broken and you can now live quickly with no wet wear to slow you down.
  • No, it would take all the things that make life worth living out of the equation. Emotions, senses, thoughts etc. It doesn't really appeal to me.
  • Yeah, but I have some conditions first: -I must either get to have my brain chip put in a robot body replica of myself or a robot tiger. -I must have detachable chainsaw hands. Brzzzzzzzz! -I must have the strength of five gorillas and the energy of a bear that has the energy of two bears. .... Holy crap! Did you just see that freaking chopper explode?!
  • Mmmm....I'm gonna have to say no on that one because our minds as data might hinder our sentience.
  • Can I download to multiple androids at the same time? And do the androids have the same sensory input capabilities as a human body or do they exceed the current limit? If something were to happen to one of the androids would I still be able to download another copy again? Do each of the multiple copies receive input from the other ones or are they completely independent? There has to be a Scifi book or movie in there somewhere!
  • YOU BETTER BELIEVE I WOULD!!!!! One can always pull the plug on life at any time, but to live across thousands of years getting a fresh new body every fifty years and retaining what you already know is the absolute height of control. Someday -- probably within the next 500 to 1,000 years -- this could be very possible... as long as we can start populating other planets...
  • Not if I was the first (as i would propably be seen as a freak and continuously pictured/followed etc...). If several androids have been created and it was not too strange to hear that a new android has been downloaded, I may do it (but I wouldn't be disappointed if it fails and I die - as I already believe in an afterlife)
  • You mean...we haven't already? Are you SURE?
  • Well, it would probably improve my memory. :)
  • I don't know, Spaceball. I have been around a long time. I think I even had some previous lives. I am already getting bored with this old carcass. I am tired of staring at the same mug everyday in the mirror when I shave. I stopped shaving for a while, but the mug was even uglier. It frightened children and even dogs. No, I don't think I want to be an android. Curious as I am about how the world will turn out, I don't think I really want to stay around too long. What would I do without all my old cronies? I don't want to be the "last leaf on the tree"....
  • No. I don't have enough knowledge to fill a computer chip ;-)
  • Sure, with proper lubrication, and a little recharge here and there, I would be around for a long time.
  • I have a friend who is working on this very problem. He reckons by 2030 it will be possible. He has it all worked out theoretically but the avatar needs further research. All the physical requirements of a human body are not yet available in robotics. Once they are, he says, there is no problem downloading your memory into a computer. You have to do it during sleep, when there is a short time - seconds only - when you are actually dead. Instead of your brain turning on again to consciousness, electronics will download your brain's contents to the computer. Then, my friend, you can live for ever.
  • Everyone can live forever now without changing into an android!
  • Hell, no! I'm looking forward to the day the lights go out on me
  • I don't want to be and android, thanks for asking though.
  • I would do it the other way around. chip>brain.
  • Only if I didn't have to go to the Dr. after a four hour erection.
  • I probably would not mind living on. ;)

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