• x=5, or x=-1/3
  • In order to use the quadratic formula, you should have a problem that looks like this: ax^2+bx+c=0 That means that your first step is to get everything on one side of the equals sign. 3x^2-16x=5 3x^2-16x-5=0 Now you need to find a, b, and c (they are the numbers that appear where the letters are in the first equation above) In this case: a=3 b=-16 c=-5 Then you plug these numbers into their places in the quadratic formula. You should have that written down in your book somewhere. There is no way (that I know of) to type it out in this answer. Three things: 1) Pay attention to whether things are positive or negative, it will make a big difference. 2) The symbol in the formula that looks like an underlined + means "plus or minus." That means you have to solve both ways. First, make it a plus and solve for x. Then go back, make it a minus, and solve for x again. Quadratic equations nearly always have two answers. 3)Always check both answers in your original equation. By the way, you probably should start memorizing the quadratic formula now so you know it really well before your test. Best of luck to you!
  • 3x^2-16x-5=0 b^2-4ac 256-(4)(3)(-5)=256+60=316 Then you write the formula and then it will be ((8(+-)the rout of 76))/3

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