• you say that you have been trying for a baby for a while, it can't be that long if you had a termination only 3 weeks ago. Give you body time to adjust and give yourself time to get over what you have been though psycologically before you rush into it again. Good luck though xx
  • Although I have never had an abortion, I can offer guidance for you. In April of 1991 I had been pregnant for 12 weeks, and on that day during my first doctors visit they noticed there was no heartbeat. They sent me to the hospital for a more reliable unltra sound and tests and unfortunately they discovered the fetus had stopped growing and died. The next morning I had surgery to have it removed so my body wouldn't go through the process of a miscarriage which can cause damage in some cases. Anyway, within 8 weeks I was pregnant again with no problems. I had a healthy baby boy the following March. Being under the care of my doctor helped because as soon as he said "go for it", we did. Let your body and spirit heal and allow your doctor to help you. If your doctor suggested waiting a few more weeks before you had unprotected sex, I'd follow the advice. Your doctor will know when your body has healed. Listen and enjoy the thought of a healthy new baby in your future. It will happen soon enough. Best of luck to you.
  • im sorry you had to go through that. My aunt and a few other people that I know had abortions, me personally, never had one. But they couldnt get pregnant after they had their abortions, it messed up their insides I guess. Hopefully in your situation, that isnt the case. Just relax and enjoy it. The more relaxed you are, the better chance you have in getting pregnant. Good luck to you sweetie!!
  • Have you had consistent interaction with a physician? If you were pregnant, and experiencing complications, I am assuming that you were under a doctor's care? If so, ask your doctor how long you should wait to try and get pregnant again. I think it would be too soon for your body to be put through this right now. However, if you are pregnant, get back to your doctor as soon as you can and talk to him/her about what is best for you.
  • you can get pregnant again as soon as you ovulate..which can happen within a few weeks....but is it safe for you to be having sex just three weeks after an abortion..I thought you have to wait 4-6 weeks for your body to heal properly

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