• Morgoth Bauglir (also known as Melkor) is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth Cycle. In Tolkien's secondary world, Morgoth is an Ainu, a divine character of the same order and nature as the Valar. In the histories of Middle-earth, Morgoth plays \"the great enemy,\" the ultimate antagonist of Middle-earth. Sauron, Tolkien's better-known villain, is actually a servant to the true \"Dark Lord\", Melkor/Morgoth. A character that appears in person only in The Silmarillion, Morgoth is of critical importance to the entire Tolkien cycle. The mythic embodiment of evil in Middle-earth, Morgoth provides later generations of Middle-earth inhabitants with moral warnings against the 'sins' of absolute individuation, of pride, lust for power, greed and the ressentiment in which these sins result. His story also powerfully accounts for the existence of evil in otherwise innocent people's lives – it rationalizes (to an extent) the pain the characters of Middle-earth must experience. In true mythic fashion, he is evil made manifest, and his story provides an answer in Middle-earth to the question \"Why is there suffering?\" Wiki -

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