• Well there's no other requirement: if you have the money, you can buy a home (in the U.S., anyway... some countries have rules about WHO can own property, such as foreign nationals). But if you don't have the money all ready in cash, as most people don't... then you have to borrow it. And things get sticky. In the U.S., most lenders want to see approximately the following: - Your total housing cost, including taxes and insurance, should not exceed 28% of your gross income; - Your total housing cost PLUS debt service (credit cards, car payments, etc.) should not exceed 36% of your gross income - You should have 20% of the home cost available as a down payment - You should have a good credit rating as reported by the agencies. You can get around these constraints to some degree, they aren't hard-and-fast rules, but it's a good ball-park idea of what you need to get a home loan.
  • You have to have the legal standing to sign a contract. In the US, a person under the age of majority cannot sign a legally binding contract, and must have an adult guardian. A person who has been judged mentally incompetent cannot sign a contract. If, as you stated, you have the money, I can't think of anything else.

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