• My math teacher, Mrs. Ilg, in 6th grade (back in 1976) was awesome! She was an older lady and some considered her cranky and mean. However, she was serious about her career and always took the time to "teach" instead of just going through the motions. She truly loved her job and it was obvious. She was there before and after school for anyone needing help and was kind and considerate to those who put forth their best effort. She was a great example of really caring about her students and wanting them to feel successful. God rest her soul - she has since passed away but I've never forgotten her.
  • He was always really happy! When he taught us in year 1, we had a toy day and he used to get the toys and pretend to be them.. like talking them etc. He was really funny! Then he used to ramble on about interesting stories when we were supposed to be working, but we always got good grades anyway... or maybe that was just me?
  • She would goof around with us, and would even make fun of the other teachers hehe.
  • my mom was my teacher :) She's the best person ever and did the right things as a mother and as a great teacher, or i would not be as smart as i am today.
  • Mr. Hoffman challenged us and we liked it. Everything we said or wrote we were required to provide evidence for, which helped us to think logically and to avoid unsubstantiated remarks. He treated us as equals and gave us benefit of the doubt. Once when we were complaining about potholes in the parking lot he brought shovels and wheelbarrows to class and we spent that period (a 2 hour class) filling the potholes. It was one of the best lessons I ever learned - take care of it yourself instead of whining about others who don't. Mr. Hoffman died 2 months ago, and although his teaching career ended in 1980, there were at least a hundred people at his memorial service who had taken classes from him, including one who is a former State Governor and another who came 1700 miles. He wasn't an easy teacher, but a great teacher and very cool.
  • Mr. Mike Franklin had a great attitude and a desire to teach. He was relentless as well. He never let up. He challenged us and pushed us until we cried. Plus, he had a PhD in Shakespearean studies. This guy knew his stuff and wanted to teach us what he knew. His tests were ungodly. The class started and we started writing. We did not stop writing until the bell rang. He prepared us well, though. I think that is the key. He knew he was kicking our asses, but he gave us the tools to take the punishment. In return I never got less than a B on a paper in college no matter how late I started.
  • My grade three teacher Mrs Watt, because she was the first teacher to not judge me as to my sisters abilities and behaviours, she treated me as an individual. and she was the first teacher who did not force me to do a mothers day craft, as i did not have a mom my other teachers would say "give ur gift to someone else now do it" were as Mrs Watt showed me compassion, and i am forever grateful for her.
  • Her tiny waist and oversized butt. Thank you Mrs. Saviano
  • My best teacher was Michael Reust, way back in elementary school in Bartlesville, OK. He made learning fun! He would read historical comedy books and make us point out what was wrong or made different for the purpose of humor. I remember him reading Dave Barry's "Dave Barry Slept Here". He also had a butane torch that he would use to melt paperclips to get the kids to relax around him and listen to what he had to say.
  • Most of the teachers I have know have been good at their job :D
  • My Spanish teacher, Senora Grim :) I had her all 4 years of Spanish classes, and she really knew how to get me dedicated to the language. I value her class more than any other, because the gift she gave me was the common language to talk to my family in Costa Rica...they are Spanish only speakers and before only my sister could translate for us. Now there is both of us :)

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