• have some points is a good question-from experience as this has happened to me before i contacted the irs and they had me guesstimate my income and how much was taken out-did my taxes using those figures as a w2 wasnt to be had----hope this helps---smile and enjoy the day
  • wow it is pretty much impossibel call your irs. they will send you a form.
  • excuse my spelling was in a rush the word was impossible
  • If you need old W-2s you can obtain IRS issued W-2s in 1-2 business days from See site for available years. If you need W-2s to do your current taxes, and you do not receive W-2s by Feb. 15th you can contact the IRS or use IRS Form 4852, as a substitute for Form W-2.
  • You Can File with your last pay check stub.
  • How can I get my W2 form. My Boss from Pat's AFC Home has closed down in May of 2008. and she Patrica Rapson has passed away.

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