• I'm a fan of Ghost Hunters. Though I don't really have a favorite team member. I can tell you who I don't much care for though and thats Brian Ha. As far as the series continues, I'm starting to notice that they are sending people in singly which is a direct contradiction of one of their "rules". It's supposed to be two investigators at a time always. This way there is always a witness, and it helps with their Fear factor. They stated this was one of their rules in the first season more then once. Makes me wonder if the producers think it will be more "exciting" to viewers if they send people in singly instead of caring about any real data being collected. As for the international series, I love the idea of an international setting but think I'm going to reserve judgment till I see some more episodes. One thing I'm glad about though is the producers don't have them explain what EVP stands for every 5 minutes Ha.
  • Well two examples off the top of my head. In the latest "ghost hunters" episode (least I think it's the latest) they return to the light house they send in the new girl by herself. She ends up getting stuck in a crawl space which I thought was hilarious. In one of the international episodes not sure if it was the first or second, Brian goes into a crawl space that is fairly large by himself while the other investigator just sits at the entrance. Looking quite unimpressed with Brians claims of something in there with him and his hurriedly escape out of the space I may add.
  • I love Ghost hunters, i like the two in charge that always rap things up, must say its put a chill down my spine everytime i see it!...great programme :)
  • I love Ghost Hunters. I like steve cause he hot!
  • I am a fan and watch the show every chance I can. I like how they are not so quick to call a place haunted. Paula Donavon is my favorite investigator although in the newer episodes she seems to work mostly in case management. I also like the international version. Barry seems to be scared of everything and makes me laugh.
  • yes I'm a true Ghosthunters Fan and GHI also. I miss Brian. He put the humor into it all, but really there isnt anyone I dislike. Great show. I even bought the dvd's that are available.

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