• I give anyone who answers my questions points for their effort (not including offensive answers). I don't really care if they rate my questions or not. I mostly care about the answers.
  • I rate an answer when I get it, if they don't rate my question then hey, never mind :-)
  • No I give points to anyone who answers unless it is very offensive.... I don't have to agree with their answer but if they are intentionally being an ass they won't get any.
  • Unless it's offensive or something, I rate (and comment on) every answer I get. It's up to who ever answers my question whether they want to rate me or not :)
  • I rate everyone who ANSWERS my question. That does not mean everyone who answers my question, but everyone who actually ANSWERS the question, regardless of if I like it or not.
  • I try my best to rate all answers to my questions. If I didn't rate it, it means: - I've overlooked it - I can no longer rate the user who has given the answer. This is usually true for those on my friends' list - The answer somewhat mocks me or mocks my question I don't give negative points.
  • No. That's rude. Why do people owe me anything?
  • Niether, But I don;t understand why someone would acknowlege your question by answering it and not give points. It happens frequently
  • I don't without points from people unless it's by accident and I overlooked it. If I don't give points it's probably because I can't give you anymore. I don't give negative points unless your answer is wrong and it would be harmful to someone if they thought your question were true. And usually I will explain WHY I'm giving them and most of the time they will change their answer and I point them back up. But anyone that answers will receive something. If they didn't think my question was worthy of any points then that's their call.
  • I give max points and reply to all who answer any of my Q&A's I post and to any I amswer, its a shame that there seems to be this trend of getting points for questions asked but not giving any for answers to that question... very shelfish and greedy
  • why isn't there a third option .. rate them anyway ..
  • I don't ask for points. I don't play popularity games, and to go from 'you rate me or I'll not rate/neg rate you' to 'let's give each OTHER points' is a short step. I rate whom I wish to. However I wish to. Regardless of what they have or have not done to me.
  • I dont expect people to give me points and if they dont im not going to downrate them for that, i will give them points no matter what
  • I thought you were supposed to rate a question up if you wanted to know the answer, thought it was intresting, or you just liked it...
  • If someone answers my question, I rate them up whether the question was rated or not..unless they give a vulgar or offensive answer..then I ignore it, flag it and occasionally leave a comment.
  • how does one get recognized without causing some waves ... ;)
  • Sometimes when I try to give someone points, it won't let me. I hope they don't downrate me for a thing like that. Sometimes, I get distracted, like answer the phone, or look at an IM and I forget. Is that a downrating offense?

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