• Sure, most of the modern composers I know are mostly choral, but they do delve into other areas and there are TONS of composers around. Eric Whitacre is one of my favorites, and Joshua Shank is another that I recently came across. Now I'm not sure what you mean by "modern" If by modern you mean 20th century then we can add a lot more people to this list. I should also ask what you mean by classical. If you mean art music, that means there are a lot of obscure avante garde composers that we can add to that list. Or do you want more traditional stuff? I did find this list of composers. It needs some updating, but it names a lot of people: Let me know what exactly you're looking for and I'll narrow it down for you.
  • Ok, I'd say you should check out Aaron Copland. Gershwin, Milhaud, Prokofiev, Britten, Bernstein. Those are some older 20th century composers. For newer stuff you could go with movie music: John Williams, John Barry, Randy or Thomas Newman, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, James Horner. Here are some others: Astor Piazzolla, Tchaikovsky, George Crumb, John Rutter, Andrew Lloyd Webber, John Luther Adams These are just a FEW...
  • You can check out B. Warren's music. She composes modern classical music. She studied with Nadia Boulanger, Aaron Copeland, Walter Piston, and Archibald Davison at Harvard University. Her style is lyric and stylized. You can hear some clips of some of her work at Hope this helps!
  • I like Arvo Pärt and Morton Feldman.
  • Frank Zappa
  • John Adams is a very popular modern composer. Arvo Part is also very well known, his music often used in movies. Philip Glass. There are too many 20th century composers that would have to be mentioned, I will just list a few that come to mind immediately: Igor Stravinsky Dmitri Shostakovich Sergei Prokofiev Bela Bartok Olivier Messiaen Benjamin Britten Arnold Schoenberg Anton Webern Alban Berg Paul Hindemith John Cage Giorgy Ligeti
  • 2-22-2017 Some remarkably good music is coming out oh Hawaii, played by the people who compose it, sometimes improvised. Here are samples: And then there is this guy:

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