• I believe the compressor has to be removed. And a dummy pulley goes in its place. Call the dealership, they would have more info for you. GOOD LUCK>
  • The compressor has a clutch that controls whether the compressor is engaged or not. The pulley always turns, but the electric control on the clutch regulates whether it is on or not. It is a single wire to the back of the pulley. If you disconnect this wire, you no longer have AC. The friction of just the pulley turning is not enough to have any significant effect on mileage.
  • Unplug the electric clutch on the compressor and the pully becomes an idler pully (zero power loss).
  • Yes, they make a dummy pulley for the 4.3L that will replace the A/C compressor (advanced or autozone). However, you should not have to use a dummy pulley if the bearing on the compressor is good. Just run the belt as normal and unplug the 2 pin clutch connector at the A/C compressor pulley. It will free spin fine if the bearing is good!
  • Thanks for everybody's help. I ended up putting in a bypass pully. The AC compressor pully was bad, which is why I asked the question. The head gasket blew a few weeks later, so I sold the van. Guy I sold it to fixed it and now it runs great!

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