• Stevia Extract is without a doubt the best sugar substitute. Stevia is pretty pricey but does last for a very, very, very long time and you don't use much. Stevia is about 800 times stronger than sugar. If you wanted (for example) to sweeten your tea, you would pt two drops of stevia. With sugar or the other unhealthy stuff, it takes around 2 teaspoons or more. (depending on how you like it) Anyways, stay away from splenda and the others. Did you know splenda can give you cancer? You see, my dad is a health nut so I hear this all the time from him and I did a report on it before a long, long time ago. Splenda contains three unhealthy ingredients such as... 1. dextrose 2. maltodextrin 3. sucralose Through out your splenda and other sweetners and get stevia extract. Here's a short tip, do NOT eat it plain, it is extremely bitter. Hope that helped! Sorry it's so long! Spread the word about stevia, it is the best sugar substitute...
  • I always go for natural brown sugar. There are no additives and more vitamins.
    • Jewels Vern
      Minerals, not vitamins. The only difference between natural sugar and white sugar is dirt.
  • 2-23-2017 Well, really, what's important is to stop insisting that all your food be sweet. Study some books about nutrition and increase your protein intake. You need 0.4 gram per pound of body weight every day, counting only 6 grams per egg, 12 grams per glass of milk, and 24 grams per quarter pound of meat. You don't need more because you exercise or less because you loaf.
  • Than chemical substitutes yes. But healthwise natural sweeteners like apple juice, rice or barley syrup, sorghum and other plant sweeteners or honey are better than sugar. But as the gentleman observed in his answer - best not to need so much in your diet sweetened.

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