• Need to? He's 6!
  • Why would you need to belach your 6 year old son's hair? Unless medically prescribed, it's a very bad idea. And if it is medically prescribed, I'm sure they'll tell you what you need.
  • what I mean by need to is...he's participating in a head dye and shave for charity (Kids with cancer) and in order for the color to stick in his hair it says that I need to bleach the hair then color it. Is there any other way to color it Pink without first bleaching?
  • hottopic has a safe bleaching kit n demi n semi peranent pink that are safe to use if his hair is a dark brown it wont show up but any shade of blonde it will juss use a blow dryer to make it stand out more
  • I know that this has already been answered (And probably long gone by now) But i highly doubt that this woman needed to bleech her 6 year old sons hair for a hair donation. I say this because i have done every type of hair donation that i can participate in for many years. I know for a fact that you can not have color treated hair (for one) and you most certainly CANNOT have bleached hair. Its terrible for the people that actually wear it after its made into a wig (And irritates their scalp from the chemicals). Also, another reason he or she was not dying their childs hair for donations is because ALL hair donation drives ONLY accept a minimum of 6 inches of hair. And even then its shakey. Most wigs (even short wigs) need 10" of hair to be made, otherwise its hard to construct them. Some of the bigger hair donation drives (IE: Locks of love) only allow 12" and longer to be donated, of course natural hair, non treated/bleached. And i have YET to see a small child (especially a boy) at 6 years old who has more than 4" on his head, let alone the standard 6-12" required.
  • Before jumping to conclusions, please do a little research. I believe this is the charity event the lady was speaking of:

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