• How these are used can get complicated, but basically, the DataReader (when connected to a database and give proper SQL queries) will populate a DataSet, which can contain multiple tables of data. A DataGrid is a control placed on a form that can display data in a column/row format. It is usually populated by binding a DataSet to it.
  • Data Reader provides a stream of rows from the database. On the otherhand Dataset can cache the whole table or collection of tables. You can retrive the rows of each table cached in Dataset. DataGrid is control to display the data in Tabulated Form. You can bind filled dataset to the datagrid control, it will show the retrieved rows and columns of the table cached in the dataset.
  • Data reader and Data set are the ADO.Net objects used to access the database. Data reader works in onLine mode and data set works in Offline mode. where as the data grid is used to show the data from database in a grid manner
  • Data reader fetch data from the database in connection orientated way. Dataset is in memory to the client system in disconnected way.In this more than one table data can fill in dataset. DataGrid is control to display the data in Tabulated Form.In this edit columns,delete and insert operation can done.
  • has a lot of good info. You should get a book about one of the .Net languages (C# is the most marketable) with info about ADO.Net (the data access stuff) in it.

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