• You can't seriously expect an answer to this question. The number changes by the hour (minute?).
  • According to a recent study by Inktomi and NEC, there are over 2 billion websites. You can read the entire article here:
  • According to Google, "©2005 Google - Searching 8,058,044,651 web pages" However, it changes every hour, or minute even, and knowing that the figure has been up for months now, there's probably 8.5-9 billion web pages on the Internet now.
  • Wired Magazine stated that "nine blogs are created every minute and 2.3 content updates are posted every second" a blog consists of generally at the very least 50 pages till you get the log in pages, and the settings and all that fun stuff, then if they are 2.3 content updates every second that changes a page unless it's a new post and not a comment making yet another page, and then there are billions and billions out there now, as I type this there are probably over 20,000 new web sites being created. There is absolutelly no way to tell, there is however a difference between a website and a web page so as far as websites, if you really want to know how many there are you may be able to check on one of the sites that allows you to check for domain name registrations, although that changes all the time, and there are different servers in different worlds I think you have asked one of the very few questions that is impossible to answer with accuracy
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  • LIke 2 Billion! Alot, huh!
  • Probably impossible to find out now. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo will tell you how many they have indexed, but they cannot tell you about ones they do not know about or which they have been asked not to index. But basically the Internet has got beyond any body's control.
  • I think that there is one website on the internet.
  • The NetCraft site reports that in the June 2006 survey they received responses from 64,808,485 sites, an increase of 1.27 million from last month's survey.
  • But it's still not enough!
  • According to Netcrafy, there are over 80 million websites on the internet (in 2006), This is not including for example blogs on sites such as Blogger, but does include blogs with their own domain name. Source: Hope this answers your question! Lia
  • There's got to be at least 23.
  • Approximately 110,000,000 websites are there .
  • 108 million as of april 2007 by netcarft web survey, Pirelli
  • eleventy billion.
  • There are 649,778,325,523,621
  • I had this long thought out reply. And when it promted me to subscribe, it was all gone when i returned. failed.
  • Three?
  • believe me! it's more than 1...! I promise you! because at least we know one and it's ... is not it?! ;)
  • As of November 20, 2008, there are 148,945,302 registered web sites. 94,308,110 of them are pornographic in nature. Each pornographic web site has an average of 119 images on them. That means there are over one billion sexual solicitations on the internet.
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