• I cannot by rules of my employer wear my ring at work. Now my fingers are bigger and it won't fit.
  • I don't think it's strange if they have a reason for it. Yes, I think if possible that married people should wear their rings but sometimes, especially due to their job, they shouldn't wear it. There are jobs, like operating heavy machinery or driving other things that wearing a ring is dangerous. Even in construction it can cause trouble. Or if you do things with your hands like massage, baking, cooking certain things, operating machinery. It's very understandable to me. Not everyone works simply or in an office.
  • I'm proud to be married and I wear a ring because I want to, not because I should. For someone not to wear a ring, there should be a good reason but I can't think of any.
  • A married person should wear there ring... why would they not, unless of course they did nto want others to think they were married.
  • I don't wear my ring and never have. I don't wear any jewelry (chains, watches, rings) of any kind. They irritate me and i spend every second fiddling with it to make it feel right. My wife understands.
  • Depends on the person. Electricians can not wear anything metal as it can melt to the skin, however I have never taken mine off since the wedding.
  • I do not wear my ring anymore. My hands tend to swell and it's uncomfortable. I know I am married and I carry myself as such. I do not have to have a ring to announce it to the world. I don't think it's strange for a person not to wear one. There are many reasons why a person wouldn't. Maybe they are allergic to metals (my mother is), maybe they don't like rings, maybe in their job it would present a danger (like the possibility of it getting caught on something). Just because a person does not wear a ring does not mean they are 'on the prowl' (but that could also be a reason) or they don't want anyone to know they are married.
  • Yes i would find it very strange that someone would not want to wear their wedding ring. THat is supposed to be a symbol of their love and commitment to one another and should always be worn when possible. I can think of exceptions to this however like if the person uses their hands a lot at work like a potter or cement mixer that doesnt use gloves, i can see why they would want to wear it then to avoid ruining it. I am not married so maybe i dont know, but i know that when i do get married, that ring will ALWAYS be on my finger. I will be proud to be able to say that i am married to the person that ultimately end up with, and my ring will hopefully do that for me.
  • I don't think it is strange because my dad never wore one. He was a PE teacher and it was dangerous. There are many jobs where wearing jewlery can be hazzardous.
  • I think married people should wear a ring, unless it is dangerous to wear at the person's job. However, my ex used to say he couldn't wear his ring at work due to machinery, and then later cheated on me with a woman he worked with. The other woman said: "He wasn't wearing a ring..."
  • Virtually none of the men I know wears a wedding ring. (One does, and takes it of and fiddles with it throughout meetings - very annoying). Few of the women I know wear wedding rings. My mother did not because it got in the way gardening and all the gems were knocked out. She only put it on once or twice, to warn off a man who was getting too friendly.
  • I took my wedding ring off for work (I worked at the time in a home for the elderly and rings weren't allowed encase it caught on their skin which is very fragile)but I don't really like rings so I never put it back on. My husband of 23 years wears his though but thats his choice. You don't need a ring to tell the world you are married, your behaviour will show that. And wearing a ring isn't going to stop someone who wants to cheat from cheating.
  • yes i think its really strange.
  • Says who? It's just an old tired tradition kept alive by jewelers. I don't wear one and have been happily married for 24 years. The Mrs. has no complaints. Lots of ring wearing people have gotten nasty divorces in the time we've been married.
  • I think a person should unless it interferes with the type of work they are doing. It sends a message that person is in a relationship, taken and makes it clear they are off-limits.
  • Its weird.. yeah.. but I dont know. Having things on my fingers just.. bothers me. I might change my mind later.. But I know Im taken..and Ill let people know im taken... but I just dont know about the ring...
  • unless you cant because of your job, then yes i think you should wear one.:-)+
  • It's just a nice gesture to wear the ring when you're married. It shows you are proud to be married, and doesn't want to hide it
  • Depends on what the individuals believe. Some believe in other things than a material ring. Some can't due to the jobs they hold. Some have somthing else that sybolises their vows. It is just the ring is the most widely used. So strange? No not really.

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