• you will, but not enough weight, and anyway, if only 3 days, you'll gain it all back. try doing something with your life, like ride a bike, and bike around from place to place with your friends, eating occasionally.
  • Yes, I've heard that also. I think there must be some truth to it, but it probably has some drawbacks, or everybody would do it. I suggest you ask your doctor about it.
  • You'll also lose valuable muscle tissue. There is no easy way around it. Forget the word diet, and the concept of depriving have to use portion control of the right foods if you want to solve this problem for life.
  • Don't believe everything you hear when it comes to weight loss..The weight you lose on a the water for 3 days and no food is temporary..and to stop eating throws the body into a defense mode..the body thinks it is starving and will pretty much stop burning calories..the opposite reaction than you want in a weight loss program :)
  • Whatever you lose you will gain back right away. Why not try something like Weight Watchers? It's a lot safer than starving yourself.
  • If you don't eat you will eventually put all the weight you lose back on plus more when you do start eating. Your body shuts down into survival mode and burns less energy. To burn energy you need to eat more (right foods) and excercise there are no quick fixes.
  • There are several types of herbal teas that will help your body target fat cells to burn rather than target muscle cells to burn ... your body will burn what ever it can if all you consume is water ... you will burn some fat and some muscle, but your body will pick the easiest cells to process, and often that is muscle cells.
  • you are wasting your time. First day or two body will use a tiny weeny amount of stored fat (you will not notice)after 3 days your brain, noticing the lack of food will switch into famine mode. It is a survival mechanism to increase the chances of survival when there is a shortage of food. The brain, assumes there is a food shortage and siows the metabolism down as much as possible so you use a little of the fat stored as possible - just in case there is no more food or not enough from here on in. In addition, any food you do eat will have all nutrients sucked out and as much as possible of what remains stored as fat for future use - so you do not starve. This is why you do not lose weight and worse still, when you return to eating normally, you will gain more weight because your brain will be thinking, can't waste a drop, got to store as much fat as I can in case this happens again next week. The end result is you will gain weight using this method and end up fatter than when you started. Go to a gym, find an instructor and ask them for advice and what do to - they will be happy to help and will have the answer you seek. Go and get somebody to help you out with some weight loss, not having tried this before you should not expect to know how to go about it - but there are loads of other people (gym staff) that do and they they are trained and paid for it. Ask somebody for a hand.
  • Your metabolism would slow down because your body would conserve more of the fat than use it up. Your body knows when you are starving yourself, whether on purpose or because you have no food to eat! You would lose very little weight.
  • Don't crash diet, it will put your body into starvation mode and slow down your metabolism. The result is you will very easily gain the weight back and may continue to gain even more weight. You need to know what you're doing.
  • It's my understanding that if one loses more than 2 lbs. a week, one is losing some muscle along with the fat. The reason that isn't good is because our muscle is out metabolism machine. I know I have low blood pressure, below normal body temperature and am a shallow breather. I've been told that equates to a very slow metabolism. I have to build more muscle in order to correct that. I'm trying to build up by gradualy doing more and more push ups. I think that will only build my upper body strength though and as one gets older, one automatically loses muscle mass unless one works at it.
  • yep, then eventually u die from starvation! drink plenty of water as water helps break down food, eat good food, little and often, do some exercise daily and u will get to your natural weight. TRUE.
  • If you're serious about losing weight, don't starve yourself; don't go on a diet; don't use diet foods; if you do any of that, you will just gain the weight again when you stop. The only way to lose weight properly - and to keep it off - is to change your lifestyle. Eat a decent amount of fruit and veg. Eat lots of high energy carbs, and exercise. Getting an instructor of some kind is an excellent idea. Starving won't help - you need to do it properly.
  • 5-8-2017 Not so. When you stop eating your body consumes muscle, not fat. If you want to lose weight, the first thing you need to do is to increase your protein intake. Study some books about nutrition so you know how to eat right.

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