• Tells you all you need to know. :-)
  • u need to register first which includes providing ur credit card number. then there are some options of either paypal or other. u can either place a bid or just buy it off shelf[hope that's the right word].
  • All you have to do is register to become a member free) and start shopping, Ebay will walk you through each step they make it simple because they want your business. Good luck and have fun.
  • You might start by opening an account with e-bay creating a user name. You will probably provide some account information regarding credit card or banking. When you see something you like on eBay you bid on it. If you win you have to buy the item. If you don't know where to look for an item, they have a search box that you can use to see if someone is selling the item or items you are looking for.
  • I'm doing a report on it it's easy just make an account and provide the info. they want you to provide and don't lie. Then start shopping. But plz don't buy stupid things like fart in a jar or a ghost or an air guitar really. Those things have been bought so don't be fooled. Also always view the sellers feedback it might be really useful.
  • I use my credit card.
  • Some items ask you to bid on them and other items are "buy it now". If you win the bid, you must pay for it. You cannot undo your bid commitment.
  • I buy things on EBay with my bank card linked to the account
  • Paypal.

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