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  • Are you sure she liked it to begin with? Maybe she just went along with it, hoping it would get better, and is now giving up on it.
  • Tired of having it? Meaning she was having it a lot with you? There's nothing wrong with her wanting a break from it, it can be tiring and painful even if she likes it. Try sticking something up your ass to understand (and I don't have a sarcastic or bitchy tone when I say that, but more of a matter-of-fact). The more pressure you put on her, the more she'll recoil and see it as a chore, not a pleasure. Anal can be hard for some women in many ways and I think you should do whatever else it takes to keep her sexually happy if you're not already. When you want anal you have to gently ask with no anger, and not introduce it every time you have sex.
  • Son, has anybody ever taught you where the right hole is? I'd challenge you in golf anyday! If she doesn't like it, you are just going to flat out turn her against sex with you alltogether!!
  • toss her salad.
  • Are you sure you and she are doing it right? Read this post. It tells you what you need to know about how to do anal sex the right way: In the end it is her choice. Your choice is whether she or anal sex is more important.
  • Use your tongue and fingers. Stop being a selfish dick.
  • Try flowers, a nice restaurant, a gift cerficate for a SPA or plan a small vacation (not a fishing trip)...
  • Well alot of guys harrass thier gf`s and wife to do anal sex and if you where doing it alot then maybe she just wants a break and more attention paid to other areas of her body... Ask her if there are things she would like to do to you and if there are things she wants you to do rather than asking her to do anal .... its good to ask what she wants and if you give her what she wants she might let you do some anal...
  • Let her do it to you. Have you considered turning the tables?

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