• When you write your resume, focus on personal achievements in school and extra curricular activities. If you are enrolling in college, put that down as well. I would recommend a Cover letter for your resume that talks a little about your positives and why you are seeking a job with that employer. You can find examples on the internet if you do a search. Good luck!
  • No. If you don't get one now, when will you get it? Experience matters depending on the job. You'll find out soon if you need experience or not.
  • Well. Ya gotta get a job sometime.
  • First read Sinisters answer... I will add... Any volunteer experience is a plus on your resume too! There are lots of people who don't work until they finish high school - you are not alone. You will have no problem getting hired at places like fast food restaraunts, chain stores like Target (a great employer!), grocery stores, mall retail stores etc. Just don't go in with a timid or defeatest attitude based on our lack of work experience. Hold your head high, be polite, make eye contact and make them think you are the best candidate for the job because you are YOU.
  • I'm starting my first job in a few weeks. I'm a couple years older than the legal working age in my area
  • Well, no. I mean, what if you've been to college first?
  • I didn't get my first job until I was 22. No one penalized me for it. In fact they liked that I didn't have any bad habits from somewhere else:)
  • I started working at 14 when i first could because i needed money to go out and do things. If you didnt need to get a job for any reason before, then there is no need. Its not bad to have no work experience if you were in school or college, or if you are starting your career, its ok. Good luck at finding one, unemployment rates are up, so it may be a bit difficult to get one now.
  • i was 18 when i got my first job. some companies like their potential employees to have no experience. think about it: no experience means no baggage.
  • That will be better than waiting till you are 20-21.

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