• Of course you can. You are an adult. They can't legally force you to stay.
  • Yes. And you should start by moving the fuck out of Nebraska.
  • Judge is correct... The only way this wouldn't be true is if they had guardianship over you because you were mentally incompetent... Because you're writing on here, I assume this isn't the case. (+Pts, Judge!)
  • At the age of 18 you can do pretty much anything you want. As long as you don't want to drink alcohol or gamble.
  • You are 18 you are aN adult and can do what you want
  • If you're 18, you're legally an adult and can handle all of your own affairs, including moving out on your own if you choose. There are certain times a family can keep someone against their will; for example, if they have a court order because a doctor says that you're not competent enough to make your own decisions.
  • Yes. If you need some help call this Hotline at 1-800-999-9999 or here: 800.365.4KID If you need a place to stay, call your local YMCA or YWCA
  • You sure can,no parent want's to loose their babies which we call our children even after their married and out of the house. But if you sit and talk with them a few times going over what you want in life and how things important will be to you, when your ready to leave they will not take it so hard as you would have them pumped up for that....I felt the same when my daughter decided to go out on her own,I use to go to her place quite often to make sure she was doing ok,and what i use to see told me she was ok to be out then i wouldn't go as often.Tell your parents they can visit you as often as they like but you need your space to just be alone.I think it will work for you.Good luck.
  • NO! You are not a legal adult in Nebraska until the age of 19. Your parents are legally responsible for you until that time. Unlike other states, you can petition the court to have yourself declared emancipated. Judge is incorrect - age of majority is defined by statute in Nebraska. Because you are still legally a minor, you cannot enter into a contract, such as a lease or rental agreement, without your parent's consent. If you have questions, contact legal aid in the area where you live for assistance.
  • I was a doubter about the whole 19 being the age of majority in nebraska, so I checked it out. Nebraskaparkfan is right: it IS 19. Here's a link to the Official State of Nebraska site with the statute:
  • It is possible to petition to become legally emancipated. I have done it in the past in Nebraska, but if you are 18, it's just easier to wait. It is confusing w/each state having its own age of majority. On a positive note, you cannot be charged as an adult in Nebraska for the majority of crimes until you are 19. Most counties in Iowa start waiving kids into adult court as soon as they are 17. BTW, if you take the advice to move out of Nebraska, go someplace warm.
  • dude im in the same boat as you im about a week from moving out of my house against my parents will but im also 18 and theirs nothing then can do about it so just do what u feel is right man
  • isnt it that your not considered a legal adult in nebraska until your 19? ..or is it only some adult stuff that applies when your 19? can you still move out at 18? do your parents still have control over you at 18? like could they call the cops if you said i'm leaving?
  • but i thought the nebraska age was 19?

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