• fuel flow problem. carb or fuel injected. carb clogged lines, or flap is staying open. f.I.: chip control problem or fuel line problem. check fuel filter and see if there is sediment in it. if so change and check at intervals to assure it stays clean and flowing.
  • Check your heat sensor, if it is bad it will do what you are saying
  • change your fuel pump relay and check if you have power to your fuel pump when it will not run.
  • I had this same problem on a "93" Astro Van. I replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter, EGR Valve, and coil, but problem was still there. It is the ignition module locted right under the distributor. It runs about $85.00 and is pretty easy to do it by yourself. The ignition module is basically an embedded circuit board and heat from the engine tends to effect it over the years, possibly causing the traces on the board to move with the expansion and contraction of embedded components.

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