• The best medicine I have tried over the counter so for is Mucinex. It is a little expensive, but it works really well. It relieves congestion fast.
  • The only medicine I take when I have a cold is the behind the counter Sudafed, the kind that you have to get from the pharmacist. It has ephedrine, so it's illegal to overbuy, in my state you have to show your license every time you purchase it so that they know you're not manufacturing meth :)
  • if you MUST take over the counter remedies you may want to try vicks vapo rub...its effective and you dont have to ingest it so side effects are minimal.
  • There are several good natural remedies. Vicks Vaporub or similar is great. You can put a dollop in boiling water and inhale the fumes. Then there is the old salt and water sprayed up the nose. Great stuff.
  • Tobacco sniff snuff with menthol...I swear to you it's just a powder that you cocaine, but legal. Get it at your local tobacco shop...but make SURE it has menthol in it. Ozona raspberry snuff is great.
  • a neti pot works u can buy it anywhere it really works wonders
  • That's because there IS nothing that can work. It's all placebo's. If you have a bad cold or sinus issues then your bodies natural defences are the best defenses. Just take some antihistamine if you get a bit too leaky is all.

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