• most people assume that when you put caps lock on, it means your yelling. Pick all the oranges off and prune it just beofre winter. Also give it a big prune if it has not had one before, but leave the main branches so it has something to grow off in the spring
  • Citrus may be pruned to any desired shape. Pruning is fine any time of year, except in the winter for outdoor trees. Pinching back tips of new growth is the best way to round out the trees without impacting future fruit. Any branch with fruit is putting its energy into fruit production. Prune the other branches now, make the pruning cut just above a leaf without leaving a stub. If you take off more than 1/3 of the length, the tree will make multiple branches at the pruning cut, thereby making the tree more full. My nursery man said I should leave the oranges on my tree until after Valentine's day for the sweetest taste. For more information, see this excellent article:
  • Are you sure they're not offended that you're calling them dwarf trees?
  • Winter or spring only. "When to Prune Winter or early spring is the time to prune dwarf orange trees. If your area experiences frosts, wait until the last frost date to prune. Pruning too early will stimulate new growth, making the tree vulnerable to frost damage. It's important to prune before the heat of summer." Dwarf may be a bit of a misnomer since your tree can grow to 6 to 12 feet tall. Quite a bit shorter than a regular orange tree but nevertheless a big tree.

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