• Metropolis university
  • Why would he need to? He controls all, sees all, and hears all. Why, he could is probably monitoring this communication right now. He could even burst in my door as I write this and... agh, Superman? Help agh...... Er, where was I? Oh, yes. I... I mean Superman holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from MIT and a Masters in Sentient Wave Manipulation from Harvard. Thanks for asking.
  • He did goto university. If you watch Superman Returns in a scene where he is talking to him mother a picture of Clark can be seen on the fire place of him graduating.
  • well if it were me i would just leave my C.v with "man of steel" but superman obviously wasnt happy with that so he went of to collage, is smallvile collage of higher learning, and due to his super speed, he commpleted the corses in 13 seconds flat. (imagine what the collage part was like!)
  • There's some debate on this subject actually. If you go by non-cannon (Smallville) then Clark went to Kansas State for a bit. However, in most of the Superman mythos Clark Kent graduated with a degree in Journalism from none other than Kansas University (Lawrence.) The most recent evidence of this is actually in "Superman: Birthright" but it is referenced fairly frequently. There's a saying at KU actually... "Long before Clark became superman he was wearing crimson and blue." :)

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