• For me, the discomfort is eased somewhat by - Taking painkillers that are also anti-inflammaotry (i.e. ibuprofen) - Drinking fluids. Lots of fluids. Always be drinking. If the kidneys are constantly working to process fluids, the stone(s) will pass more quickly. - Keep moving. Even if you're just walking around your home, the motion and muscular actions of walking can ease the discomfort.
  • There is a lot that can be done. A primary thing is a proper balanced diet and exercise. You know...the food groups.... Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grain breads, drink lots of fluids, exercise, etc. The good balance type routine. As an example, the exercise will help the body with any type of waste elimination activity. You must cut out sugars or refined starchy foods (like macaroni or white bread), because these really make it worse. Be cautious about exposing your body to chemicals or preservatives or food additives. An example: many chemicals can be dramatically absorbed by the skin, and cleaners or some body-care products are not healthy for the body to absorb. Limit your intake of calcium rich foods like cheese or milk. I recommend consulting a good health food store. People can "overdo" calcium. Calcium works with magnesium. Often the magnesium is deficient. Kidney stones often are mostly composed of calcium. Magnesium. Contrary to what is popular in the media, most people get enough calcium. They lack magnesium. The two balance. You can over-do calcium, but not magnesium. In order for the body to properly absorb magnesium, it needs an acidic context. Natural Vitality (California) is a company that carries a magnesium product called "Calm". Within a few minutes you will find it effective. Not only will it help one sleep, but it is great if you have muscle related problems, back pain, or any of a whole list of ailments. This could help. All of us develop crystals which hopefully get washed out from time to time with the fluids we drink. These crystal deposits vary in material...often calcium and other materials. Since the kidneys flush out poisons, the toxins (like metals) can get hung up on these crystals. Accumulation of toxins and blockage compound the problem as these crystals increase in size (stones). This is a great reason to drink plenty of help keep the system washed out and clean. One idea: Try about three or four ounces of olive night because of loose bowels. That may work along with eating a lime or lemon. The lemon or lime help. It won't hurt to try. However, I suggest that you try the garlic and other herbs first if you can. Depending upon the condition's severity, you may want to start on a small gradient and work up to higher quantities of herbal cleansing. Actually, some people have had success in eliminating stones by drinking lots of water and then just running up and down the stairs. It gets the "engine" going. Fluids, heat, circulation... ...the system is pumping. Some people recommend eating parsley. There are a lot of benefits to parsley and it is high in Vitamin C. Also taking a cranberry supplement is supposed to be good (it helps to acidify and lubricate the urinary tract). Garlic is very good to take for this and general health. There are other herbs which are benefitial. Later, I'll post an herbal formula about cleaning out these crystals. is that post: Lots of Vitamin C (not the "ester") and Vitamin B6 (and, also, generally your B-complex) can be helpful. Arginine might help (seeds and legumes as part of diet). Eating ginger root can be very benefitial. Aloe vera juice could also help to reduce the size of stone formation. Some other herbs: dandelion root, hydrangea, uva ursi, marshmellow root, juniper berries, red clover, goldenrod tea (if not suffering from allergies), gravel root. Something which should be noted and looked at in perspective is overall well-being both mentally and physically. A healthy and positive mental outlook with no antagonisms or distress is important regarding depository and/or endocrine ailments. Sometimes a healthier mental perspective (and a calm or non-antagonistic environment -[including friends who don't "nullify" you]) is all it takes for remedying some body problems. Also, the health of the body is greatly hampered by toxins entering the body from a variety of cosmetics, fragrances, propyl alcohol, metals, pesticides and herbicides, solvents, preservatives, radiation, etc., etc. These toxins can inhibit the natural ability of the body to cope with ordinary functions and open it up to be effected by parasites and microbes. A safe and sane environment both mentally and physically can go a long ways towards handling body problems; and should be mentioned.
  • I heard someone once tell a kidney stone sufferer to drink a six pack of beer. The alcohol will alleveiate some of the pain, and the increased level of urine will help flush out the stone. Just don't drive. And don't even think about putting.
  • I thought it can be distroyed by using ultra-sound or very high frequency sound to break it up into pieces, like sand. ..ya here is a link also wikipedia has info also on it. Though this last one will require lots of reading.
  • I'm absolutely serious..if you think its coming soon...get really drunk as quick as possible...that should ease the pain, and get rid of the memory of it as well.
  • This is false. There are drugs made specifically to help anesthetize the ureters called Pyridium. It will discolor your urine which is already probably red in color because of the blood. If the stone passes from the ureters into the bladder, it may stay in the bladder or you may pass it when you urinate. The urine should be screened and you'll catch the stone in the screen. If the stone is too large to pass down the ureter, you may need to have extra-corporeal shockwave lithotripsy to help break the stone apart into smaller pieces to be able to pass them. This involves an outpatient procedure which is overseen by a urologist. You will get light sedation and they use x-ray and a special machine which targets the stone with ultrasonic shock waves to break it apart. There are several causes for the formation of kidney stones, most notably the parathyroid glands of which there are four which sit on top of the thyroid. The parathyroid glands excrete a hormone called calcitonin which helps in the absorption of calcium from the gut/bowels. If there is too much production of calcitonin and the calcium level is too high, stones can form in the kidneys. Chronic dehydration is another reason these stones form. Daily intake of water should be encourage, or juices. Hope this helps.
  • I don't have a good answer for you, but I can sympathize with you. My daughter had a kidney stone for 4 months, in constant pain. Her dr told her there was nothing he could do, short of surgery, and since she didn't have insurance, that wasn't an option. He gave her pain killers, which helped, but not much, until she said to him, "something needs to be done, I am going to wind up addicted to pain killers" THEN he finally scheduled surgery.
  • I am a chrinic kidney stone maker with 15 bilateral now. Mine are called "Brushite stones. which mean they are or once was made from calcium oxalate and now are to hard to break inder litjotripsy. I have to pass them down to the bladder so they can put me to sleep and break them by going inside with a laser and nake them smaller but I stil have to pass them. Some take 6 weeks to pass.I have passed a 10mm stone on myown but was screaming. Any urologist will prescribe pain meds for you untill it passes and er will give you stuff trough an IV, you will not know your name much less you have the stone! you want a urologist to xray and find the size and position before drinking alot because if the stone is blocking your kidney pushing fluids can damage or even cause kidney to burst or quit then your own dialysis for the rest of your life. Setting a a warm or hot bath eases the pain as well. They are confusing lithotripsy with a normal ultre sound which is what they use to see a baby's their sex, look inside your heart or other organs as you lay on a table and watch them put this cold jelly and a handle and moove it across the area and they take pictures, this is commonly used to see the baby and other medical reasons like to look for a tumor but never lithotripsy!IT CAN"T. This will do nothing for your kidney stone at all!!! The procedure they mean is litotripsy and is not done on pregnant women period! It is not a ultra shock waves, you lay on a table , some use huge bathtubs but not many any more, than the middle of the table goes back and a warm plastic bag of water comes up against your back and kidneys. THey keep adding medicine to your IV so you are completely still and in no pain. you will hear what sounds like a loud bee-bee gun and it starts slow than gets faster. It is using ultra shock wave to hit the stone and bounce off the warm bag of water. Tey hit it like 10,000 times a miute thus breaking it into smaller pieces which you will stil have to urinate out but a lot less pain.
  • ask your doctor to give you something

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