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  • First of all I commend you for wanting to please your partner and being open to it, regardless of your experience. Kudos! :) Now I don't know if I can fully answer your question because a foot fetish isn't specific in my sex life but I do have experiences with fetishes. A few things I can suggest are: using him as foot furniture/to rest or lay your feet upon him, or even just having him lie on the floor and placing your feet on him while watching tv, maybe adding some stepping as well. I don't know if his foot fetish has something to do with trampling as well (maybe find out first by asking him) but you could also step on him while you're standing up; some guys love it when a woman steps and literally walks all over them. You can stick your toes in his mouth so he can suck them, order him to clean your feet, whether by his tongue or even just washing them himself with his hands and soap, and also foot massages. Maybe you could add either pantyhose/stockings, some guys like the taste or smell after a long day or just the nylon itself (again you can ask him, he may just prefer bare feet). You can be in his presence in sexy heels, make him take sexy pics of your feet, tease him under the table with them, make him tell you verbally what he's thinking about your feet. You can make him hand wash anything that you wear on your feet like socks, pantyhose, stockings, even your shoes. Have some shoes on and make him polish them and if he does a good job you can reward him with some worship time. How about making him crawl behind you as you walk and making him kiss each place/step your foot has just touched on the floor? Next time you're set to see him, call him beforehand and order him to be ready knelt at the front door when you walk in so he can service your feet; first removing your shoes, then massaging them. Maybe having some foot lotion ready. You can feed him things with your toes like fruit, cookies, etc etc etc, or have whipped cream or chocolate sauce smeared on them and make him lick it off. Next time he has a drink of something, pour it over your feet and make him lick it off your feet and the rest that's puddled on the floor that just ran off your feet. Make him paint your toenails and if he misses a spot or accidently gets some on your skin, give him a light (or hard whichever he likes) foot slap against his cheek. And of course foot jobs on him. Hmmm I think at the moment I ran out of ideas lol but lemme know if that helps and/or if you need any more :)
  • Initially start with clean perfumed feet and make him kiss your soles and slowly find out his likes and interests.. generally guys like licking an dsucking toes more.... ad slowly you may try giving him drinks and food (mashed fruits) from your feet.... foot slaps and little trampling may follow .. see if he likes high heels (90% or more guys like it) and above all altgirl has explained things so well
  • Well it seems to me quite easy. You make yourself feel like a powerful queen and then you make him kiss your feet in a humble way and when you start, you will have new ideas what you like. The ideas are showing up as longe as you make him kis and caress your feet. I do not think if it so good to make a plan for everything. Do just what comes up to your mood.
  • Be more demanding, try some high heels...ask him what he likes about feet like for example if he like red toes then perhaps you can color your toes red.

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