• Yes, he was president for 3 4-year terms, not 2 6-year ones or anything like that. He won 3 elections in a row.
  • He did indeed serve 3 full terms as President being elected in 1932,1936, and 1940. He was however elected to a 4th term in 1944 but died about a month into his fourth term of natural causes related to the polio he had suffered from for so many years.
  • He was president when I was born. He served 3 four year terms. He died in office. Truman was Vice-president and became president. It was during his term as president the XXII Amendment was passed to limit the president to 2 four year terms. The Amendment was ratified in February 1951.
  • Would I say what is an historical fact? Uhh, okay,....sure. Why not - it's the truth.

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