• I'd answer and pretend they have the right number so they'd stop calling me
  • LOL yeah.. just say you're whoever they're asking for and tell them that you never want to see or speak to them EVER again!
  • After the first time,I stop answering the phone. If they have the wrong person,then why the hell do they keep calling you back for?
  • Answer the phone and tell ask them what number they are trying to dial and maybe you can solve that they are dialing wrong or forgetting the area code. Thats the friendly way. You could pick up the phone an yell at them if it is really frustrating you, but they may call again after that!
  • i probably answer, "still not [said name]" or not answer
  • Just ask them what number they dialed, have them repeat it to you, this way you can find out what the problem is.
  • On the first call, you ask "What number were you trying to reach?" That eliminates any further calls. If they continue to call, ask for their number, or look at your caller ID and tell them you are going to report them.
  • I say that destiny has brought us together and ask them when they want to do lunch.
  • Get mad. This happened to us, we also left a rude voicemail message. Within a week all of the wrong numbers stopped happening.
  • I usually yell by the second time.
  • I would ignore the third time and let answering machine pick up.
  • this happened when I first got my new cell phone. Fianlly I would just act like Im the person and they get really confused and pissed off, Then they think that person is there just putting somebody else on the phone, they get mad at the person and stop calling! voila!
  • Third time I would ignore.
  • nope I just tell them to relax the pizza or cab is on its way....
  • i answer so they know they have the wrong number again and then say better luck next time. no point getting mad, people dont make mistakes on purpose.
  • If possible, I clear this already by the first call, asking them which number they were calling. If not possible by the first call, I would certainly insist on clearing it by the second call. By the third call, I could get undiplomatic, depending on the situation.
  • Ask them if they have Alzheimer's, because my mother (who has Alzheimer's) does exactly that.
  • I would be as nice and patient as I could. Eventually the person will get bored and move on to someone more reactive.
  • If i'm at work, i'd explain the situation and get a colleague to answer it. Funnily enough, if this was the case, whether the colleague answers it or i decide to ignore it, its usually someone other than the wrong caller and they'll ask why didn't i pick up the phone!?
  • Love patience and tolerance for every person all the time.
  • I'm polite the first time and tell them they've dialed the wrong number. I've had someone call that I KNOW must have hit re-dial because she called back in seconds. She...and several others who call very late at night...sounded like she was drunk. And then THEY get mad at the person they called because it's not who they were trying to reach. I have caller I.D., so if they keep it up, I'd report them. I've also been tempted to prank them in the middle of the night, but then..they might have caller I.D. too!

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