• It should be on the mortgage - if you do not have a mortgage a trip to the county records would do the trick - call them up and let them know what you want and they will point you in the right direction If your house has been purchased through an real estate agent, odds are it is on the agent's website and the data would be there too.
  • Two ways come to mind: The easiest way that we use in the remodeling business is to look inside your toilet tank. The date is carved into the ceramic walls and it is extremely rare that someone replaces their tank as they are built to last forever and never to need replacing. Probably 99.9% of the time this date reflects when the house was built (within a few months)... You can also go to the courthouse into the records room and they will show you the exact date as this is public record and they are required to keep it on file. (This information is also available online in most counties and can be accessed by you)...Good Luck!!!
    • mushroom
      If you remodel your bathroom, you can only buy low flow toilets now, so those 5 gallon tanks from the 50s have gone bye-bye. Too bad; that old toilet could flush down a dozen tennis balls.
  • I believe it should be in your deeds.
  • Go to your local court house and go to the property assessment office. They keep all of that information of file in public access records. Shouldn't cost anything to get a copy unless it needs to be certified. In which case you may be charged a small processing fee, but it is the most accurate way to find your answer.
  • You should be able to go to the website where your property taxes are shown. An example would be like mine: It would be your county in the URL. You then sign up for free usually and click on GSI, type in your address (leave off St, Ln, Dr, etc) click go, then it will show your plot. Look on the right and scroll down to "detailed property information" click on that, then when it comes up, look on the upper left and you can click on info about your property.
  • Your local county auditor's website.
  • When you received your deed to the property, there should be a copy of the prior deeds showing the chain of ownership back to the original, unless you have some house from the 19th century or older. Generally, if you can't find property records online for your area, go to the place where you send your property tax.

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