• The long one. I'd get hurt either way as when I attach myself to someone, I am there until they let me go pretty much or do something where it's just not going to work anymore. Short ones would just feel cold and meaningless to me. I know some people can do them, but I need something with actual...time put into it. It's always a risk you'll get hurt sure, but at the same time you are also risking being with someone who could be the person you wish to be with the rest of your life. I'll take my chances.
  • One long term relationship. To get hurt once is bad but in many short term relationships you stand the chance of being hurt many times.
  • Short term means lots of hurt either on my side or theirs, or both. I'm a one long permanent relationship person. Yes, there is risk in hurt but there is any time. All my variety can come, and does come from one love, my husband of 34 years.
  • You also risk being happy as a clam for the rest of your life in a long term relationship. Take time to really get to know and understand the person you are with before committing to a long term. You know the short ones will end at some point and that may be well and good.....right now.. but none of us get any younger, the field narrows as you age. By not going further in a relationship you hamper your emotional development and relationship IQ in that regard.

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