• Sure, but that is not to say that being omniverous is not a healty choice too.
  • it could be if you know how to eat healthy without eating meat. me i rarely eat meat and the doctor always tell me im super healthy.
  • Not all the time. You need to eat meat too.
  • If you do your research ahead of time to find out what you need to eat is fine. I know many vegetarians
  • no i dont think its a healthy choice we became the race we are today after our ancesters learned to eat meat, without it our brains wouldnt be fed enough to grow to what they are today, without the energy we get from meat we would still be living in caves and scavaging for berries. when it comes to a personal choice people have been vegetarians for hundreds of years without problems, vegans however need supplements to get the proteins they need to survive as they dont eat things like eggs and milk.
  • If thats what you are in to. But a real vegeterian doesn't even eat some salad dressings because theres fish oil in them, they go pretty crazy they know thier ingridients. If you notice vegeterians are more peaceful they are not aggressive. The meat eaters though its kind of like in the wild when you eat your pray you catch it in an agressive way. I don't know this is just something to think about.
  • Just like any diet, it can be very healthy. I honestly think it can be much healthier than a diet with meat, but it is not to say that you don't have to meal plan and make sure that you're not over compensating for not eating meat by loading up on cheese, eggs or simple carbohydrates.
  • It can be an excellent choice for health reasons, but it's not easy to be good healthy vegetarian without a lot of research and knowledge and attention to details. There is no popping into a fast food place for some quick bite in some places.
  • Completely. It's perfectly fine so long as you get the proper nutrients you need, many of which can be found in capsules and other forms of food like cheese, eggs, milk, tofu etc. Obviously if you don't have a balanced diet it isn't healthy, but the same goes for people who eat meat. Eating hamburgers at McDonalds and such isn't a more diet than that of a vegetarian who takes time and care in making sure they're getting the proper nutrition they need.
  • It depends. If you don't get protein from eggs, beans, or veggie meat, then you, in a sense, can be slowly killing yourself. I've been a vegetarian for over a year, and I make sure I get my protein. It's a great choice. A vegetarian can save 95+ animals per year!!
  • Now i am not a vegetarian but i have done a lot of research on this topic. And I would say when a person has a well planned vegetarian diet they are healthy because they no what foods to eat to make up for the lack of vitamins and minerals they would get from meat. Also in the "Vegetarian source book" it shows that vegetarians are less likely to get diseases because they get more vitamin c, caroteniods, and phytochemicals from there diet which helps prevent cancer. they also get more complex carbs which as you know are better for you. for every minerals, vitamin or protein the diet lacks because of the meat there is another food or supplement to make up for the loss
  • Like most here, I'm not an expert, so what I think isn't that important. Thirty or forty years ago, believe it or not, many experts agreed with much of what most respondents here are saying! Today, they have much more knowledge of the benefits of it. Ever wonder why you hear of all the cholesterol, and arteriosclerosis problems today? The body manufactures its own cholesterol, and is really not designed to cope with the ingestion of such large quantities as is typical today. The only food with cholesterol is from an animal! Yes, our meat (and dairy) laden diets cause a huge burden on our health care costs. A vegan diet along with relaxation, and exercise, actually counteracts (reverses) arteriosclerosis better than any drugs according to data from Dr. Ornish. Vegetarians live four to five years longer on average. To me, that's a good thing. Much less risk of intestinal cancer. Less risk of diabetes. Less risk of joint problems. Less risk of strokes. Yes, I tend to think that science says that it is a healthy choice.
  • Being Vegetarian is not for everyone, as many are too lazy to prepare and eat plenty of fresh vegetables, in which case no, personally, I have never been so healthy! If you eat a balanced diet, vitamin suppliments are not needed. As for the Vegetarian 'hippy' image, I am still quite an aggressive person.
  • No. It has been known for a long time that when primitive peoples are exposed to the modern world and taken off their traditional diets of almost all meat they develop what are called diseases of civilization, such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. These problems were previously almost non-existant. Just about all the nutrition science research you see in the media today is junk science funded by the big food companies designed to get you to eat their most profitable products. It's General Mills who designed the food guide pyramid, for instance. If you need proof, google "what if it's all been a big, fat lie?"
  • Yes and no. Just not eating meat but only vegetables you can become very sick. It is necessary to balance the carbohydrates and proteins properly. My ex and I were vegetarians for a number of years. She researched and learned how to be a proper vegetarian eating properly. I found it good and healthy. I enjoyed being vegetarian. At one point we decided to eat some meat. Beef tasted worse than awful. I still do not like the taste today. Because my ex and I split I no longer am able to follow the vegetarian diet but I prefer it. It is very healthy if done correctly.
  • Sure, if you look like a goat
  • Sure, if you look like a goat
  • Sure. Listen to your body. Many years ago when I went strict vegetarian, I lost a good bit of weight (and I was pretty lean to start with) I am no longer a vegetarian, yet my body became accustomed to a wonderful variety of meals, new types of vegetables and tasty proteins.
  • i think so

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