• I believe that was the first episode of "Welcome Back Kotter" Epstein ask's Vinny----What the hell is that in the toilet? Vinny responds---What? where? And thats how Kotter gets killed off so quickly. Of course Travoltas career sky rockets and Gabe Kaplans went in the toilet.
  • ghoulies?
  • campfire tales. sent me here.
  • I'm pretty sure it's called "The Willies". I remember watching that when I was younger. Here is the imdb for it:
  • Ghoulies
  • The movie was called "The Willies" Here's the imdb for it: I LOVED that movie as a kid. It had "Donkeylips" and one of the hobbits in it...classic 80's/early 90's awesomeness.

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