• You get salty vinegar. Hydrochloric acid is a strong acid. Vinegar is a weak acid. The result is that the equilibrium is very much in favor of the salt, rather than the acetate.
  • Vinigar isn't a acid it's a base, Quirkie is stupid.
  • 9-18-2017 Vinegar in water dissociates into a hydrogen ion and an acetate ion. Salt dissociates into a sodium ion and a chloride ion. These particles float around and bump into each other. So at some point you will in fact have hydrochloric acid and sodium acetate. But then you have to consider solubility. HCl is a strong acid, meaning it dissociates completely, so any H that bumps into Cl is not going to stay together long. Likewise, the solubility of sodium acetate is more than salt, so sodium acetate does not hang around long. Bottom line: Salty vinegar.
  • By Jazzy on Dec 27th, 2007

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