• Done: Loved someone. Said: I love you. Heard: I love you.
  • "If we camed from monkeys, why comes there still be monkeys!?" Or something to that effect : P It was so stupid that I might have passed out, and can't quite remember it all...
  • I've said too mant stupid things to mention, here's a sample: -Calling guacamole, guatemala sauce -Pronouncing Tijiuana, Tuna-ja-wana -Telling my husband "I'm shit, are you sorry" after accidentally hutting him -Calling a kangaroo a trangaroo After 27 years I still don't have a firm grasp of the English language.
  • Heard: An accountant with an accounting degree trying to explain why she was confused about what she was doing (job wise), said "But, there are so many numbers."
  • Done:Fell off a roof.(not seriously hurt) Said: I love you to someone that did not feel the same way. Heard: Politicians are honest.
  • When I was a teenager, and did not have a car yet, I borrowed my brother's car, a 1955 Olds, and when I got up (with a little help from my brother) he took me out front of our house, and he said (WHY THE HELL IS MY CAR PARKED THERE?) I looked up, and I had parked it perfectly "ON THE SIDEWALK" Yeah, I was out drinking with my buddies.
  • Done: drank window cleaner Said: i had 50 Gb internet service Heard: that men can multitask... i joke. that the world would have ended on 6/6/2006
  • Getting married at barely 18.

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