• Use an at home dye or you can use a shampoo for blondes or light brunettes.
  • If you dyed it and it came out to dark, and then lighten it, you run a huge risk of your hair coming out orange and or green. You can only go darker in this case, not lighter, or it could end up worse. Edit: Didnt notice this is nearly a year old
  • a highlighter pen maybe lol
  • If the color is fresh, use dish soap to shampoo a few times. Don't slap another color on top, it could end up much worse. If the color doesn't lighten up immediately, wait a couple weeks before doing anything else. It might fade to just what you want. If it doesn't, go to a salon and have some highlights put in that are a few shades lighter than what you have to create the illusion of an all over lighter color.
  • This question reminds me of my niece who has red hair. She went fishing with her dad on a boat. Came home and she was hiding in the boat. Then we found out why he was grinning, he hair was orange it was sun bleached.

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