• as old as his gums, but, a little bit older than his teeth.
  • Wow, there are a bunch of answers to this; here's a great article on Wikipedia:
  • This link will tell you what you ask,...
  • Santa Clause is older then dirt but younger then death.
  • Claus, Santa Age: 1,600 years plus Source: Toys Net Worth: $∞ Hometown: New York City; North Pole Marital Status: Married, no children Born in the fourth century as Nicholas of Myra in Anatolia, now southwestern Turkey. According to legend, gave away bulk of his inheritance to provide dowries for three beautiful--but impoverished--maiden sisters. Famously threw gold through girls' chimney where it landed in their stockings drying by fire. Later Roman Catholic saint. Relics stolen by Italian merchants 12th century; bones now in Bari, southern Italy. Moved to U.S. by way of Holland; settled in New Amsterdam, later New York City. Changed name to Santa Claus, gained weight, grew beard. Toy manufacturing operations at North Pole yielding apparently unlimited wealth. Spends every Christmas Eve trying fruitlessly to give away fortune to little children. Keeping up with the times: Compressive of naughty and nice boys and girls now available on the Web. Passionate interest in artic wildlife: Large reindeer preserve includes rare flying and red-nosed specimens. Member since time immemorial. --Michael Noer
  • Well, according to his blog, Santa Claus is "a bit older than his whiskers. And that is all Mrs. Claus will let him say!" ref: Santa Claus’ Christmas Blog ( Merry Christmas!
  • Too old to be playing with kids...

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