• No, but it's right up there.
    • beaker95
      Way, hey.
  • Dr. Phil says, if the sex life is good, it's only 10% of your relationship, but if the sex life is bad it becomes 90% of the relationship. I was looking for the quote where he said something to the effect of if you think it's not important just ask the person who's not getting any !!
    • beaker95
      At night in bed, they talked. He, of the bees. She, of the birds. Never of the birds and bees.
  • Yes, that and the dog.
  • It's not the most important thing, but having a great sex life makes the relationship better. No guy I know has ever said "I love my wife I just wish she would blow me less!" Great sex is about honest and effective communication and those are the corner stones of a great relationship,
  • Thete are two rooms in a relationship, the bedroom and the livingroom and you need to get along equally in both of them. If you don't, ultimately the relationship will crumble.
    • Ice man
      Yes, and well-ironed socks too.
    • Ice man
      That would be one well-ironed sock. Singular, if missing a lower limb... Butt I gonna light it gooo dis tyme.

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