• Texture and strength. A triangle is more difficult to crush than a square. Appears more like homemade bread in our fast paced society. No more deciding whether to cut from corner to corner or down the middle. The Egyptians built the pyramids to celebrate triangular bread. By making the base square they illustrated the superiority of the triangle by hiding the base under four marble-encased representations of triangular bread. :-) from the net.
  • Because it reminds you of the sandwiches your mom made for you long ago. And Mom's cooking is always the best. Just think of your favourite breakfast cereal as a child - what fond memories it brings up, oh, how we loved those Alpha-bits or Cap'n Crunch! If you taste it objectively today, it doesn't taste the same and it's way too sweet, but cast your mind back a little, taste it again and it is heavenly.
  • It doesn't. you just THINK it does.
  • Because right angles are the work of the Devil.
    • Linda Joy
      LMBO it's still got right angles no matter how many times you cut it!
  • it doesn't. I don't like triangle bread. A person can put their eye out with that! And if its not toasted enough to put an eye out the ends are floppy and the stuffing falls out! A folded half sandwich is far superior!
  • They are easier to share. No difference in taste. . . to me.

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