• Because they're British films meant to look like it, perhaps?
  • because the author of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling, stated that she wanted the cast to be all-British. Not that she's racist or anything, but her goal was to preserve the British atmosphere of the series. I've heard that Robin Williams wanted to be included in the cast and was willing to do it without pay. However, since he's American, JK Rowling declined.
  • Because they are set in Britain and not a lot of Americans live there - and absolutely no Amercians do.
  • It is a British film
  • because it did not take place in American so why put a American in the movie trying to be a forigner when you could use that country s natives for authentisity
  • JK Rowling once got food poisoning in Macdonalds.
  • Because it's set in England? It's not, however, a British film as it's made with American money, by an American company ie Warner's with an American director.
  • As already stated by others, the story is set in the UK. No mention is made (that I can recall), of a single American anywhere in the series, certainly not one with a speaking part. If there was to be American actors in the Harry Potter films, then they would have had to have voice coaching to remove their American accents. Unfortunately, I can't recall seeing a single film with an American actor who had a decent British accent in my entire life(i.e. an American version of Hugh Laurie - he is British you know). If a movie had been made about the World Trade Centre crashes, and the movie was acted completely by British actors, or Indians, or French, etc, think of the outcry that would result. So, why have American actors playing British people, when British actors make much more sense.
  • I think that there were no American actors because it took place in England and the writer J.K Rowling is from England- UK.
  • cuz no american wants to fly out and oudition for a movie where the author and director want British actors/actresses
  • I personally think that the argument that since the movie is set in Britain that's why only British actors are used is hogwash. Christian Bale's best roles are when he plays an American, do you mean to tell me that an American cannot play a Brit? The decision to exclude Americans is prejudiced nationalism, pure and simple.
  • There are plenty of American films using Brittish actors, so why not have a Brittish film using American actors? Personally, I don't care where you are from, as long as you play the role well.
  • Well, of course the british-setting argument's been presented, but more importantly, because JK Rowling said so.
  • Vern Troyer is from Michigan. Granted, little people are a bit harder to find than other actors.
  • i think J.K.'s plan to keep the "british atmosphere" is fine but it wuld be nice to c an american person in harry potter. i think americans can play brits quite well. natalie portman, for example, did a great job in V for Vendetta. id be okay if there was just at least one american person in HP. uk POTC is kinda an all british movie. but the actor playin Pintel and Johnny Depp are americans. oh and the midget, Marty, and i think annamaria...sorree this was soo long. :)
  • becuase it's set in england, and all the characters are english...
  • There are thousands of American movies without Brits in, so what is the difference? It is set in Britain, so while that doesn't necessarily preclude Americans from acting in it, unless there is a specific American character then there is no need. if it was set in America and there were none it would be a bigger deal, but presumably there were enough decent British actors in the country that there was no need to ask someone to learn the accent without need.
  • I think it might actually be set in England, this Harry Potter thing that people are talking about. It would be a bit out of place having the old "jolly good old chums" and "bloody hells" be mixed in with "yo! Let's go for Caw-feee!"
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  • Authenticity. It is set in England.
  • Cos it's an English film, from an English book, by an English author, cos we have enough decent English actors with proper, genuine English accents - not the atrocity that you call Americans doing English accents - and because, as someone previously said, there are many films without any English actors and you don't see us moaning, just realise that we did it good enough without the need for American actors and sit back and enjoy a beautiful piece of English film making. Not dissing America, but you do some things better, as do we, and Harry Potter is just one of those things that we rocked!
  • There are no parts in it for Americans.
  • maybe cause they didnt make the movie in america

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