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  • I believe AB is very slow for everyone. It loads very slowly for me and my comp is usually very fast.
  • I don't have this kind of problem usually. I use IE 7 as a browser. If I stay too long inside an IE 7 windows, this could happen. I just start another window in that case. I don't have to use CTRL ALT DEL, just close the window. Do you have this always or just at times?
  • Yes I think AB is the slowest of all the websites that I visit frequently. But it's okay I love it anyway. Just like when you're in love, you tolerate the shortcomings of that special someone ;o)
  • its loading fine for me.
    • Skunky Stinkerson
      loads fast for me and im using a chromebook
  • I'm not experiencing slow performance here or anywhere else. I use Chrome on a Macbook Air 2012.

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