• only if you are joining the army!
  • By law, there is nothing your parents can do in the state of michigan if you are 17 and decide to move out. If they call the police and say you are a runaway and tell them that you are 17, they will not do anything about it.. the only thing that could happen is if you just left without telling your parents when you turn 17 is they could report you as a missing person, which in that case they might get their hands back on you...the best thing you can do is secretly record the conversation with your parents explaining to them that you are moving out, and where you are going...this way they cannot make false reports saying you never told them where you were going..or make a note and take pictures of it and where it is in your house so, theres no chance for them to make false reports to police saying you are a missing person.. ive had experience with this already, trust me, once your 17 in michigan you are not considered a child or a minor, but you are also not considered to be a full pledged adult yet either..there really isnt a word for people of that age in michigan i suppose would be one way to put it.. so yeah, move out at 17 if you like.. the law is not on their side in this case, you will not be detained or arrested or forced to go back to your parents home... good luck
  • I would like to take in my nephew at 17 years of age. You are correct that in MI he can come to my home and live, attend school, etc. I called the police and they said they will not transport him home and I do not have to let his parents on my property. They said he is considered an adult at 17 and can live where he chooses. He is from a divorced family and I am wondering if that makes a difference because there is a court order regarding custody. I feel that it would be biased and prejudicial to treat any 17 year old differently than another. I am going to consult a lawyer this week regarding that matter. Do you have any ideas on that point? Thanks!
  • Yes. Been there, done that. Parents found me and hauled me in to the michigan state police and they told them in plain english.... "He is 17, there is nothing we can really do." Not sure if it is different for girls. Sorry if this is a double post as my last one did not go through.

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