• It depends on why the person is saying that. It could mean that he or she dislikes you, but it could also mean he or she feels intimidated by you. There are plenty of reasons. You will only really get the real answer if you ask him or her what was meant by the statement.
  • No they are different. If you make someone feel uncomfortable they can still like you. It is what ever you are doing or saying that is making the person uncomfortable.
  • I have the similar situation today, I said to my manager that he makes me uncomfortable and he translated it as my comment meant that I view him a sexual predator, is it right...confused... I was joking and having fun, I am biting my elbows right now.
  • Yes. Get away from that person, you are bothering her/him. +2
  • You are making them uncomfortable. You are making them nervous and wanting to get away.
  • it depends wether your the only one naked
  • That they're thin-skinned. Best to avoid such pansies.
  • I have heard that all my life. It's a woman and if it's not the same as dislike it's the same as disgust.
  • It can be positive but negative also. It depends on in what kind of situation you are. I've told my husband, when he was still my boyfriend that he made me feel uncomfortable because he was staring at me often. It made me feel uncomfortable but not in the wrong way. A negative situation would be that you are confronted about something and that could make you feel uncomfortable too because you do not know what to say or feel attacked. Also being around someone could make you feel uncomfortable but sometimes you just dont know why you want to get away from someone as soon as possible.
  • It not quite the same thing but it can be that depending on what they are refering too. Lets say your on a double date and you are treating your date poorly but not the other people. They will feel uncomfortable and probably dislike you. It could also be that perhaps you see through someones mask and that makes them feel uncomfortable. They may still like you only you make them feel vunerable. You can be with a bf/gf and you keep praising them on how great they are. They may feel uncomfortable because they can never live up to your expectations. You can suddenly keep running into the same person over and over and they may say you make me uncomfortable because they feel you may be stalking them. It would truly depend on the situation in which the words are said and how close you are to the person saying it.

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