• Yes they are. In the US it there is something states "not sure the name of the doctrine" that you may not Discrimitate against any person or persons due to weight if they are capable to do what is necessary for their job. You can basically change weight to black, white, brown, male, female, amputee, etc... This is the same for anything. People are ignorant and will always discriminate against anything different than what they like. I feel sick about it.
  • Um everyone is discriminated against. I am discriminated against because I am underweight. People always force extra food on me, say "Oh give her a big piece she needs it". And they assume I am bulimic or anorexic and follow me to the bathroom after I eat. They assume I am sick, because I am small. They also assume I am weak and meager because of it.
  • From experience, i believe they are. Before being diagnosed with a medical disorder and put on medication, I weighed almost 350 pounds and most of the doctors wouldn't take me seriously. I was accused of lying by the doctors who were supposed to treat me. Once I finally found a doctor who would run tests for the lesser known diagnosis, I was put on medication and have lost over 100 pounds so far. I still have a ways to go, but I have seen a major difference in the way people, both doctors and otherwise, treat me.
  • Yes they are and it's disgusting. I am not obese by any means, but neither am I the "ideal" weight for my height (I am 5'5" and weigh 186 pounds). People think I should just be able to go and work out and drop all kinds of weight and then I will be better. I know I could be skinnier, but what is wrong with me the way I am now?
  • Its not just obese people, skinny ones too like myself.......get discriminated against!! but in all fairness i work in the NHS and the strain obese patients put on the NHS is tremendous.....4 people to put an obese person on a bedpan....specialist equipment just to get them out of bed or even extra large commodes, baths and costs the British tax payers millions each year with these types of problems....if a person is overweight badly they will not be operated on....the same as if someone smokes then chances are certain treatments or ops will not be not just obesity.
  • Overweight people are targets for many negative forms of treatment--workplace discrimination being one of the worst. I feel that nobody has a right to try to make overweight people lose weight. I think it is that individual's decision to lose weight just as it a smoker's decision to quit smoking and a drinker's decision to go on the wagon.
  • I've seen it done to my cousin. I don't understand how anyone can do that too someone. I was so angry and felt so helpless.
  • They are discriminated against. I don't think it is right to discriminate against anyone... well, within some perameters anyway... as long as someone isn't hurting others they shouldn't be discriminated against.
  • Absolutely...I see it all the time. I have overweight family members, and I used to be overweight myself until I got into Weight Watchers. Overweight people are discriminated against just as those of different races, religions, sexual orientations and cultures are.
  • I think they are constantly. I think that obesity problem is rapidly becoming a worldwide problem and that its causes are many and complicated.
  • That is one form of discrimination that is easy to resolve,one less serving at dinnertime,lunchtime brekkytime everyday for a year.
  • I think it is wrong, and for them people who discriminate against them should take a long look in the mirror at their self, because I would bet there is something that could be said about them. Thoese people who like to run their mouth are the ones who are worse off then the overweight people.
  • I am one but I don't feel it.I bet it only exists in America.
  • yes they are. you never know someones situation. people assume obese people are lazy or something like that. especially in the usa people assume everyone to look like the bodies on ads and in the media, picture "so called perfect" regular people are not a size 0!
  • i think some are if they are really over weight. I dont discriminate. i have over wieght friends.
  • There is a lot of discrimination against overwieght people. I myself am an overwieght person and have felt the pain of discrimination because of my wieght. Wether it's a look, a word or a gesture It hurts and is not ok. I am on a path to become healthy and when people look at me like i'm a freak as if have an arm coming out of my head, it does not encourge me. It make makes me feel really bad. We understand that it is not healthy, but to lose wieght takes alot of effort, time ,and emotion.
  • I don't like it. It really hurts people.
  • I have mixed feelings about this question. Are overweight people laughed at ? yes. Do we live in a society that makes it harder to be overweight, yes. is that discrimination? I'm not so sure. It depends on whether you consider bias and discrimination one and the same. "Unattractive people" are certainly not treated as well as "attractive people". Poor people are not treated as well as rich people. Those things are certainly wrong, but one would hardly call that discrimination. For starters, overweight people (and i am going to stick with people who are significantly overweight as defined by their culture rather than people who are 10 lbs more than some chart) are more often than not overweight by their own habits. Yes, there are people who have medical issues that cause obesity, but they are the exception rather than rule. That alone makes it different than , say, being a Laplander. Doesn't make it right to taunt them , but it 's more alone the lines of teasing a drug addict (that's wrong too) than calling someone a racial slur. I sympathize with the overweight, despite the fact that I have admittedly made fun of an obese person at some point in my life and likely will again. I am working to get those kind of behaviors out of my system but I honestly don't put it in the same category as someone who cannot help what they are. I find myself more sympathetic to dwarfs.
  • I actually have problems gaining wait. (My body has problems observing nutrion, which made me look anoirexic. So when I ate the food would slide right through...I was always hungry, and my ribs shown very vitally, and I was also extrmly weak and light headed before anyone took it serously.) So it may sound irrogant but I have to take a pill to gain wait. It may sound arrogant. The truth is yes, overwaight is discriminated, and we do pick on each other about wait. But be thankful you have food, and your body has the power to help you gain wait and energy.

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