• Broken english.
  • yodish
  • I have no idea, but it is essentially the same as Luke's and Anikin's otherwise they wouldn't understand him. I am guessing there is a lingua franca used throughout the Empire.Why, with all his powers, Yoda cannot adapt to common grammar, I do not know.
  • The same one as my wife. Strange she is.
  • "Predicate-first" english.. amazing he is! :D
  • yodanese o.o
  • Yoda spoke an unusual version of Basic (the Republic trade language, English to you and I). He usually tended to place verbs (especially auxiliaries) after the object and subject (an object-subject-verb format). An example of Yoda's speech pattern: "When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not." Most agreed that this pattern of speech was convoluted, and while it seems as though others of his species (e.g. Yaddle) had the same penchant for rearranging sentences, not all of them did (e.g. Master Vandar Tokare from the Knights of the Old Republic computer game).
  • It is actually correct English. It is even correct grammar, for those of you who do not know. When we were studying rhetorical devices in AP English Language and Composition, we ran across a term, I can't remember what though. My friend was assigned that term for her project and used Yoda as the example. The fact is, he speaks using this system the entire time. Normally a writer will use it to break up the monotony of our everyday speech or to emphasize a point. To me, Yoda was always emphasizing something about human nature or behavior. Yes, we rewatched all the movies after taking AP Lang. Anastrophe: Departure from normal word order for the sake of emphasis. Anastrophe is most often a synonym for hyperbaton, but is occasionally referred to as a more specific instance of hyperbaton: the changing of the position of only a single word. (

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