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  • It matters for self esteem but matters a lot less than we think it does to females.
  • Doesn't matter it's how you use it! You could have the biggest penis in the world and not get any because you don't know how to use it.
  • Not if you know how to use it! :D
  • I dated a girl whose ex-boyfriend was nicknamed "The Whopper" for good reason. She always said the sex was better with me. It's all how you move.
  • Since we fall for the whole guy and not just one part of him no. Liking someone we naturally adjust ourselves to him as he no doubt does to us if he reciprocates our interest. So together we try and work on different things - positions, angles, etc. to find what works best for us. Among ourselves we do talk about a man's size but it is more like a status thing like his car or his job or intelligence rather than how he satisfies us. I have been with just enormous men who were great and others who just tried to bang me into submission until I became sore. Size seems to be more a male concern although I notice some younger women do seem to be pretty conscious of that - much more so than we would have been at their age. One thing I have noticed is that larger men can be esp good when we are on top because they come out less.

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