• Whenever I am home, if there are no guests in the house.
  • Not often. I don't wear one when at home or when I sleep. In the summer too I can get away with it. I have small boobs but I don't like everyone to know I have nipple rings.
  • When ever I can! I hate the damn things. I think a man invented them to torture us. LOL
  • I don't ever, 'cause it makes me feel like Mercy, the prostitute from The Warriors. That's not cool.
  • I dont go braless often because I hate feeling my nipples against my clothes.Plus, it can make me horney and thats too distracting. It just feels uncomfortable. So I almost always wear a bra. I usually wear bra's because I remember when I was young my dad was angry at me for not wearing one. It happened twice, so I guess it stuck with me until now. Im 20 now.
  • I tend not to go braless. I do at night but when I am dressed I always wear one, to me it feels more comfortable with one on.
  • As often as possible. I hate my bras. Yes, they are necessary but they hurt and I can't wait to get home and rip it off.
  • Yeah well I could go without..but of course look better in clothes with one. But I really hate them. LOL
  • I never go braless. Wouldn't want to injure innocent townsfolk;)
  • I don't go without very often I might hurt someone. That and when your clothes rub it's distracting. Since I had my kids they got bigger so it makes my back hurt when I go without support but I don't wear one at night and sometimes I just wear a good sports bra around the house.
  • I have a bit of a passion for lingerie, so I wear bras most of the time if I'm out of the house, just because I like them. theoretically I probably don't need to wear one unless I'm jogging or something - I just like the look of them as an item of clothing I guess.
  • Usually I only go braless at bedtime. Why? OUCH! That's why! It can hurt to walk sometimes from the bounce, it sweats under the breasts and against the chest, nipple irritation, etc. A well-fiting bra isn't that restricting, I actually like the boost over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders give me. =)
  • I rarely take it off,.. I mean yes in the shower and stuff obviously but I dont feel comfortable not wearing one
  • I go braceless whenever I get a chance, i dont have any clothes on at night, and during the day, if im all alone at home, i will have no bra on. i hate bras and underwear.
  • often because i love being braless
  • I go braless all the time.. have since college.. love the freedom, the feel and the look. It is soo much healthier for your breasts.
  • I'll go braless if I plan to stay inside all day, and not see anyone. Otherwise, forget it! My boobs are too big, to not be noticed if they were missing some support. Not to mention, big sagging boobs can make a woman look FATTER.
  • youger days I was braless quite a lot, look at my icon, braless there,, now older not nearly as often, made me feel sexy
  • all the time except for funerals and church, and just maybe a hot date i love the cleavage effect with my tat showing. +5
  • I don't want to hurt myself.
  • Very often, I do not like bra straps showing in Spaghetti strap tops or halter necks.
  • I never wear them at home. I only wear them for school sometimes. Never liked wearing them, especially when it's hot.
  • At home a fair amount. Away from home if I'm wearing fairly thick tops, such as heavy sweaters or sweatshirts. I am small-breasted. My breasts don't sag, but I do worry about visible nipples.
  • Almost always. Why not? Try running with a couple of cantaloupes hanging under your chest skin, and you'll soon find out why bras are sometimes a necessary evil! And while a lot of men might think differently our breasts are not for your entertainment!

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