• Some people have no regard for the feelings of others. Some people are inconsiderate louts. Some people desperately hold on to the bigotry and hatreds they have learned, rather than embracing the truth and education. I have no time for such folks.
  • I do not consider it a bad thing, but I do consider it to be a waste of time quite often. It all depends on the context. For example, if I call a friend of mine black and someone says "Thats not very PC" then I think they are being silly.
  • Sometimes political correctness is overused. E.g. in situations where no offence would be taken anyway.
  • because sometimes it gets annoying.
  • Because some people find that it is better to be socially correct better then being politically correct, like myself. I just find that being politically correct has a tendency to reinforce the wrong that its is supposed to be correct about.
  • Obviously Silvio Berlusconi doesn't!
  • Because it can be very negative. Some people today seem to be 'professional offendees', and make a point of being offended by anything they might happen to disagree with. Also political correctness, as has been pointed out by another poster, can frequently reinforce the thing it is ostensibly against. For example, I have seen politically correct statements that have expressed inverted racism.
  • I always think honesty is the best policy, providing you can communicate with civility, respect and a polite means of exchanging ideas. Attacking someone or insulting someone with whom you disagree is always politically incorrect..telling a lie just to get along is also not good. Better to stay out of the discussion entirely than lie or insult others. Happy Saturday! :)
  • 2-3-2017 "Politically correct" is a euphemism for "pretty lie" in most cases. In politics, anything can be true if you keep saying it.
  • Hi...because you can't please everyone. People are offended now so easily and a lot of people are tired of having to walk on eggshells or turn away from traditional values. I don't want to openly offend anyone. I really don't. However, sometimes we get a very small group of people that get offended by something and we have to change a policy that millions of people are fine with. For example, the transgender issues that are wreaking havoc on society. When we start changing things that weren't intended to be changed, like gender, a whole host of problems arise. Restroom issues, pronoun changes, and now girls can join the boy scouts? Most Americans find these types of things silly.
  • Because it ends up causing division and hatred. If those are your ideals then live them, but when we seek to impose them on others or use them to point the finger at others then we become totalitarians.

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